I started making only soaps in the year 2000 and began selling them to family and friends.  On a quest to bring to market a wider variety of soap designs and scents, I did a bit of research and discovered that there is a stark difference between a "fragrance oil" (mixture of chemicals) vs. an "essential oil" (the life blood of a plant) and decided to only use healthy, plant-based, vegan ingredients to make my products....especially since I was consuming my own products.  After all, you are your own best customer, right?!

Then I discovered that the human skin is not only our largest organ, but that it is also HIGHLY absorbent! This means that whatever you apply to your skin is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream!  Not wanting to create a more toxic environment within my own body, or those of my customers, I also started experimenting with making other body products such as bath salts, body scrubs and body oils....again, using only skin-nurturing, plant-based ingredients. Thus, my line of Clenapure Botanical Body Products was born and has expanded into a full line of eco-friendly and non-toxic skincare!


I am proud to serve as a board member of Shalom Homes of Wichita, Kansas where they provide up to 24 months of transitional living for homeless veterans.  I firmly believe that we should consider the sacrifices that our own service men and women have made by putting themselves in harms way to fight for our country, and ensure that we continue to enjoy the freedoms that we seem to take for granted.  As such, at various times throughout the year, a percentage of Clenapure sales will benefit Shalom Homes of Wichita, Kansas.

So, care for yourselves and our service men and women, and come share the goodness of Clenapure's plant-based skincare with me!

Clenapure, giving you "Clean Skin…From The Outside In"