Clenapure Lavender Detox Bath Salts


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18 oz.

The combination of mineral-rich Himalayan Pink Salts and 100% pure lavender essential oil helps create a serene, tranquil and spa-like bathing experience in the comfort of your own home.

To use:  Pour 1/2 cup into warm bath water.  Swirl the water to dissolve the salt crystals.  Then relax in water to tone and detoxify your skin.  Contains over 80 trace minerals.

Ingredients:  Pure Himalayan Pink Salts infused in pure Lavender essential oil  

WHY CHOOSE CLENAPURE PLANT BASED SKINCARE PRODUCTS?  Your skin quickly absorbs whatever you apply to it…directly into your bloodstream!  Please be cognizant and read the list of ingredients that comprise your skincare products.  Clenapure products are eco friendly and non toxic because they are made with plant based ingredients.  This  means that using Clenapure Plant Based Skincare Products is safe for you and the environment because you are not absorbing harmful chemicals into your skin, nor washing toxins into our waterways.  All to give you Clean Skin…From the Outside In.